Mechanical Abuse CAE Modeling for Cylindrical Format Lithium-ion Batteries


Date Recorded: Wednesday, March 10, 2021
Hosts: Bapiraju Surampudi and Matthew Hoffmeyer 
Duration: 58:32


SwRI is pleased to present a webinar showcasing a systematic process to model lithium-ion battery failure due to mechanical abuse. As the automotive industry electrifies a larger percentage of vehicles, the safety aspects of energy storage in lithium-ion batteries are increasingly important. SwRI has developed a structural model capable of predicting mechanically induced internal short-circuits in lithium-ion batteries. This webinar will discuss the destructive tests used to develop the model along with the process of building the model to represent single battery cells, mid-sized battery modules, and large battery packs.

Discussion Topics:

  • Lithium-ion Battery Introduction and Modeling Background, Bapiraju Surampudi: An introduction to Lithium-ion battery technology with a review of the current state of battery abuse modeling
  • Mechanical Abuse Model Development, Matthew Hoffmeyer: An overview of the structural model development with comparison to test data

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