Diesel Aftertreatment Evaluation Utilizing Engines and SwRI’s ECTO Lab


Date Recorded: Wednesday, September 30, 2020
Host: Michael Chadwell
Duration: 31:33


SwRI is pleased to present a webinar showcasing our extensive experience and capability regarding diesel aftertreatment evaluation using both engines and our Exhaust Composition Transient Operation (ECTO) burner.

Engine-Based Aftertreatment Evaluation
Since 2005, SwRI has accumulated hundreds of thousands of hours conducting diesel aftertreatment evaluations on various engine platforms. SwRI’s relationship with numerous members of the substrate supply chain, extensive knowledge of engine operation/calibration and catalyst behavior, and broad powertrain engineering resources, creates a unique and highly capable development environment. This webinar seeks to highlight some of SwRI’s capabilities for on-engine diesel aftertreatment evaluation.

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