Diesel Aftertreatment Evaluation Utilizing Engines and SwRI’s ECTO Lab


Date Recorded: Wednesday, September 30, 2020
Host: Scott Eakle
Duration: 27:46


SwRI is pleased to present a webinar showcasing our extensive experience and capability regarding diesel aftertreatment evaluation using both engines and our Exhaust Composition Transient Operation (ECTO) burner.

ECTO-Lab Aftertreatment Evaluation
Southwest Research Institute's Exhaust Composition Transient Operation Laboratory™ (ECTO-Lab™) represents a breakthrough burner technology to generate an exhaust gas composition that duplicates the gaseous species created from the combustion of hydrocarbon fuel in an engine. The exhaust gas conditions are generated through independent, model-based control and allow individual control of mass flow, temperature, oxides of nitrogen, water and oxygen concentrations.

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