Creating a Sustainable Future for the IC Engine through Electrification 


Date Recorded: September 16, 2020
Host: Terry Alger
Duration: 48:05


As tightening CO2 standards and technology improvements help increase the adoption of electrification in the auto industry, the future of the internal combustion engine (ICE) is in question. This talk will investigate the opportunities that electrification presents for improving the ICE, beyond the already significant benefits of regenerative braking and reductions in low-load operation, and reducing the life cycle CO2 emissions in the transportation industry. The focus will be on engines designed for vehicles with some level of hybridization and will explore what opportunities exist to make efficiency improvements to an engine that is assumed to be operating in concert with an electric machine. If the electric machine is assumed to provide a level of low speed torque, for example, the question of the level of increased compression ratio or improved turbocharger matching and the extent to which these improvements decrease CO2 will be discussed. For advanced combustion concepts, the ability of an ICE-electric machine combination to operate effectively and take better advantage of the fuel economy improvement from the advanced concept will be considered. Finally, advanced waste-heat recovery devices - which benefit from extensive, on-board energy storage - will be considered for a future xEV application.

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