The Business Case for Advanced Automation


Date Recorded: Tuesday, March 9, 2021
Host: Matt Robinson
Duration:  57:50


Manufacturers ranging from aerospace components to full heavy machinery, such as excavators, require large and/or complex automated manufacturing systems for applications such as painting, surface-finishing, inspection, and more. These systems often employ a gantry or mobile base outfitted with an industrial manipulator to extend the work envelope over many meters. Due to complexity, size, and associated costs, these large systems need to do more, or offer a level of flexibility to justify the investment involved in commissioning. Developments in advanced perception and autonomous motion planning for redundant kinematics, calibration of 3D scanning sensors, environment management, novel user-interfaces, and precise collision monitoring have enabled new value propositions to empower manufacturers to drive more value out of their investments, however building that business case can be difficult without broader consideration of the impacted value stream. Matt Robinson, an SwRI robotics assistant director, shares his experiences assessing the return on investment for automation of advanced manufacturing robotics solutions and will present some specific and practical examples from industry.

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