Testing Electric Traction Motors

Electric-Machine Testing: Fundamentals and Applications


Date Recorded: Thursday, February 25, 2021
Hosts: Michael C. Gross, Ph.D. 
Duration: 33:47


SwRI is pleased to present a webinar discussing the fundamentals of testing electric motors for vehicular applications and showcasing our experience testing these machines.

The automotive industry is moving aggressively toward electrification, and several manufacturers have announced extensive investment into electrified vehicles (xEVs). Southwest Research Institute is also investing heavily in this technical area, funding several Internal Research and Development projects to help extend the Institute's well-known expertise in controlling and testing internal-combustion engines to electric machines. Simultaneously, SwRI is engaged in several customer-funded xEV research projects. This presentation will consist of two components. First, we will provide an introduction to electric motors, inverters, and motor-control algorithms, which will inform the audience about the challenges unique to designing, controlling, and testing electrified powertrains. Second, we will present a survey of projects in process at SwRI, which will illustrate the breadth of research underway.

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